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The American Revolution

Come watch a historically accurate yet slightly exaggerated (yes, you read that right!) retelling of the story of America's journey from British colonies to an independent nation of united states. This special event performs alongside Washington's celebration of Kettle Creek Battle Days February 9th, 10th, and 11th.

This is a FREE event for all ages! Seats are first come, first serve.

Concessions will be available for purchase in the lobby before and after the event.

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Summer Drama Camp

After working hard for two weeks learning theatre skills and rehearsing their own productions, the 2024 class of Junior and Senior Campers are excited to show us what they've learned by performing their plays!

Senior Campers (grades 8-12) Play #1: BAD Auditions by BAD Actors
A casting director has one day to find the leads for a community theater production, but what seems like a simple task proves impossible when the pool of actors includes extreme method actors, performers who just don't know what to do with their hands, and one particular woman who may or may not think she's a cat. This hilarious comedy will bring you to the last place you'd ever want to be...behind the doors of a casting session!

Senior Campers (grades 8-12) Play #2: The One-Act Play Disaster
Pulling off a heist is pretty tough, but that's nothing compared to pulling off an unauthorized adaptation of a popular heist movie onstage! Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong when you've got a light board operator out for revenge, a dollar-store set, and a cast that's a total mess! The smooth-talking con man has crippling stage fright, the acrobat is completely uncoordinated, and the understudy keeps reading all the stage directions out loud. Can the group survive a run-through? It might be a total disaster, but it will definitely be hilarious.

Junior Campers (grades 3-7): The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring
The royal ring is missing, and the queen won’t sleep until the royal detectives (all 13 of them!) find it. You’ve never met a more eclectic and eccentric group all in one play! As they scour the Queendom in search of the royal ring, the chatty maids follow the harried queen around while the devious butler spouts suspiciously evil laughs every time a clue goes awry. This delightful, fast-paced, madcap mystery is full of comedy for all ages and a surprise ending that rings true!

Performances are June 14, 15, & 16. Tickets are only $7.

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Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias will perform seven times from April 6th through 21st. This includes a special Tour of Homes performance on Saturday, April 6th, as well as the standard performance times and days the following two weekends.

Directed by Joey Pruitt & Jason LeBlanc and starring Shannon Bentley, Ashli Callaway, Amanda Hester, Beth LeBlanc, Abbie Pruitt, & Becky Weimar!

Steel Magnolias is a heartwarming and poignant play that unfolds in a small Southern town, revolving around the lives of six women who form a tight-knit circle of friends. The story primarily centers on Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie, a spirited young woman with diabetes, and her mother, M'Lynn Eatenton, who navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood. The women gather regularly at Truvy Jones's beauty salon, where their friendships deepen amid laughter, tears, and shared experiences. Alongside Shelby and M'Lynn, the ensemble includes the elegant Clairee Belcher, the cantankerous yet lovable Ouiser Boudreaux, and the shy Annelle Dupuy-Desoto. As they navigate the ups and downs of life, love, and loss, the play beautifully explores the strength, resilience, and enduring bonds that characterize the spirit of Southern womanhood. The narrative weaves together humor and heartbreak, revealing the indomitable spirit of these "steel magnolias" who find solace, support, and enduring friendship in each other.

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12 Angry Jurors

Join us for this thrilling drama based on Reginald Rose's original screenplay "Twelve Angry Men".
WHO: There are 12 adult roles available for either men or women. Teenagers may audition, but must be able to convincingly portray an adult.
WHAT: When a young man is on trial for murdering his father, a jury of 12 randomly selected citizens must decide whether to convict or acquit. The case seems open-and-shut -“He's guilty!” one juror states quite vehemently. It seems to be a unanimous verdict, until one juror has the courage to ask questions. Tempers flare in this thrilling drama as the character and personality of each juror comes into question when each one must answer the question, “What is a reasonable doubt?”
WHEN: Auditions will be January 19 at 7pm and 22 at 3pm. The play is tentatively scheduled to perform April 28, 29, 30 and May 5, 6, 7 2023.
WHERE: Bolton Lunceford Playhouse 313 North Alexander Ave. Washington, GA 30673

Merry Christmas from all of us.

Summer Drama Camp Registration.

Drama Camp Registrations are now open to school aged children from 3rd through 12th grade who are interested in all aspects of theater production. Please submit your registration by May 15th. Learn More

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For over four decades, the Washington Little Theater has been entertaining audiences with quality dramatic, musical and operatic performances for people of all ages, making it one of the longest running community theaters in the state of Georgia.

In addition to a full schedule of traditional live theater productions, the Washington Little Theater also offers an annual Summer Drama Camp for children ages 8-18 in June, as well as a children's theater production geared towards local school children every September.

The theater also works closely with the Washington-Wilkes Arts Foundation and the Washington-Wilkes Historical Foundation to bring a variety of traveling shows, lectures, workshops and musical performances to the community throughout the year.


Vistors often refer to our small historic Southern town as something out of an old movie or a retro television show. References to the rural town of Andy Griffith's Mayberry, the dramatic landscapes of Gone With the Wind or the idyllic charm of Bedford Falls in It's a Wonderful Life, the City of Washington is a charming postcard town full of gorgeous old houses, tree lined streets and a quaint downtown square. 

Likewise, the Bolton Lunceford Playhouse sits proudly among the historic North Alexander School complex, which dates back to the 1890's. Originally, the Playhouse was the school gymnasium.  While public and private efforts are currently underway to rennovate the school buildings, the Bolton Lunceford Playhouse and the members of the Washington Little Theater Company continue to act as beacons for this educational complex.  

The Playhouse is located within a five block walk from Washington's downtown square. Unique shopping and dining experiences on the square, combined with a live theater production, make for a fun evening out! Occasionally the theater will team up with area businesses to offer special promotions and discounts. Be sure to check out the season calendar for a complete list of theater events. 

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Read more about the origins of the Washington Little Theater Company on the about us page.